🗂 iNFT in Metaverse

New concepts that will change the gaming world and the crypto world

iNFT concept for the first time expelled by Arif Khan. The world of NFTs, which cannot go beyond speculation for some at the moment, may gain a different dimension with iNFTs. In Khan's view; iNFTs can be smart, scalable, derivatized and different, which will increase the value of NFTs by 100 times. Additionally, iNFTs can be intelligently owned via AI.

iNFTs use ethereum and token-based protocols ERC 721 or ERC-1155 Non-Fungible Token (NFT). When we look at the capabilities of iNFTs, it is possible to define itself as an advanced version of NFT.

iNFTs stand out with their embedded intelligence and self-learning capabilities. The integration of iNFTs into the software architecture of GPT-X opens up endless possibilities in an interactive conversation. The self-learning feature enables it to offer new forms of intelligence to both the iNFT creator and the owner of the iNFT.

In addition, the permissionless nature of iNFTs allows them to be used universally and avoid censorship.

The ownership issue of NFTs also paves the way for unit ownership with iNFTer; It is in perfect harmony with the decentralized structure of the blockchain. In fact, it is still possible to own NFTs on a unit basis, but iNFTs allow content production and access in new forms of said ownership. For example, the IP of a digital character owned by a community can be made available only to token holders, making memes and content production available only to owners. This gives digital asset ownership a whole new meaning. In other words, maybe we will miss the days in the history of the internet when everything was copyable and shareable.

Imagine Your In-Game Character NFTs Talking to You

GPT-3, Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3, GPT-3 for short, is a self-dependent language model that uses deep learning to generate content similar to text that humans write. It is the third generation language prediction model in the GPT-n series.

With the combination of GTP-3 and similar artificial intelligence algorithms and NFTs, it is possible for your character NFTs for the Game to speak to you in a unique way.

Although PlayPad is an IGO platform, it will work to fund teams that head towards the new field in the new crypto world and to bring a new breath to this world. It will support teams focusing on iNFT and Metaverse and will form teams to develop projects in this area.

Although Metaverse and iNFT seem like two different technologies, exciting things can happen when they come together. Imagine two CryptoPunk NFTs talking to each other. This is really Exciting. What's more exciting is, imagine chatting with your character's NFT in a virtual reality game and consulting him for ideas.

In the crypto world, we have been witnessing the development of Play 2 Earn projects recently. Even this is a new concept for the crypto world. But as the PlayPad team, we are aware that we must always focus on bigger goals and prepare for tomorrow's technology now. iNFT and Metaverse concepts and technologies are two areas where we, as the PlayPad team, try to develop and aim to produce projects in this area.

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